When your Mac Acts up, Trust Priceless Phone and Computer Repair

Our technicians are certified and specialize in Mac repairs of all kinds. From simple to complex, we have got you covered.

If your Mac is having performance or usability issues, bring it in for a reliable diagnosis and let our technicians figure out the best solution to get your device running like new again.

At Priceless Phone and Computer Repair, we will give you a fair price on any repairs and make recommendations to extend the life of your Mac.

Types of Macs we Specialize in Include:

  • iMac
  • Mac Mini
  • MacBook
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • G4
  • G5

Types of Mac Services and Mac Repair We Offer in San Gabriel

Macbook Repair

Everyone loves the portable size of the Macbook. These petite yet powerful devices are the bane of existence when they break down. Come into our shop in San Gabriel for a quick repair so you can get back to business!

iMac Desktop Repair

iMacs are a wonder of technology. Graphic designers, gamers, and music and video producers love what iMacs have to offer. You sing a different tune when that machine is running slowly, however. Our Mac repair experts can speed things back up for you in no time!

Back That Data Up

Many people are not in the habit of backing up their data. We live in a world of amazing technological advances, and it is all too easy to take that for granted. Let us help you back up your data! We can also assist you with data recovery.

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

When your car is not running right, you take it in for a diagnostic. At Priceless Phone and Computer Repair, we can help diagnose any issues that are affecting your computer’s performance.

Optimizing Your Mac’s Performance

As our machines get older and undergo more use, we begin to notice performance issues. Your Mac may be completely fine, but it is running slower than it used to. Sometimes, all a computer needs is a little bit of clean up. We can help optimize your space and make adjustments to your computer that will optimize its performance.

Replacing the Guts of Your Machine

Whether it is software or hardware, eventually your Mac will need some updates. If you attempt these upgrades yourself, you may run into issues you did not consider. Replacing hardware can often require special tools and equipment, and software upgrades can make your computer operate inefficiently if not installed correctly.

Network Connectivity Issues

It is easy to blame network issues on your Internet Service Provider, but sometimes the issue resides within your machine. If you are having trouble getting the most out of your connection, let our technicians inspect your network connectivity hardware.

We Offer Fast, Quality Mac Repairs in San Gabriel

Priceless Phone and Computer Repair has proudly offered efficient and quality service in the San Gabriel area since 1995. We will treat your Macs like they are our own.

For trustworthy Mac repair, use our certified professional computer technicians. We will diagnose any issues, optimize the performance of your machine, and make recommendations for the extending the life of your Mac.

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