List of Services & Prices

Gaming Console Diagnosis$35.00
A technician will diagnose your gaming console’s issues using the latest diagnostic and resolution techniques and present you with an estimate of the cost of the repair. Should you approve the estimate given the diagnostic fee will be credited and applied to your repair cost.
Sony PlayStation~
PS4 HDMI Port Replacement$95.00
PS4 Slim HDMI Port Replacement$125.00
PS4 Pro HDMI Port Replacement$125.00
PS4 Video Encoder Replacement (MN86471A QFP)$115.00
PS4 Video Encoder Replacement (MN864729 QFN)$129.00
PS4 & 5 Series Firmware Update$79.99
PS4 Series Full Wipe, Reload, and Update$89.00
PS4/PS4 Slim Full Physical Cleaning$105.00
PS4 Power Supply Replacement$150.00 to $185.00
PS4 Pro Power Supply Replacement$175.00
PS5 HDMI Port Replacement$230.00
PS5 Full Physical Cleaning$135.00
Microsoft Xbox~
Xbox One HDMI Port Replacement$125.00
Xbox One “S” HDMI Port Replacement$129.00
Xbox One “X” HDMI Port Replacement$129.00
Xbox One Series “S” HDMI Port Replacement$135.00
Xbox Series “X” HDMI Port Replacement$230.00
Nintendo Switch Charging Port Replacement$109.00
Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Port Replacement$109.00
Charging Port “Type C” for Nintendo Switch Dock$125.00
Nintendo Switch LCD Screen Replacement$115.00
Nintendo SwitchLite LCD Screen Replacement$125
Nintendo Switch/SwitchLite Digitizer Replacement$89.00
Nintendo Switch/SwitchLite Battery Replacement$69.00
Nintendo Switch OLED Replacement$250.00

Prices subject to change without notice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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