When you break your iPhone’s back glass, you mostly go through a feeling of worrying. It shapes a spiderweb on the back of the phone that sometimes results in functionality and non-functionality. There are chances that your phone may stop doing wireless charging because glass backs are particularly made for wireless charging. In this situation, you might be thinking about replacing your phone or buying a new one. But We never want you to replace your phone that can easily be repaired. We have experts who have been repairing iPhones to the best of their experience. Our shop is located at______ . If you suffer through this, we will provide you with the best of our services. Now let’s look towards broken back glass’s repair and the list of iPhones with glass backs.

Apple has designed glass backs of their smartphones in different series. Glass backs are good in wireless charging; also, they look beautiful. On the other hand, glass backs mean that they are highly fragile. Both sides of the phone can be broken easily if you hit them mistakenly or deliberately.

How do we repair iPhone back glass?

Back glasses are fused with other phone components, whereas epoxy glue and small welds are used to attach the circuit board and other parts. So, it should be quite clear to every iPhone user that replacing it is not easy.

We repair it with the help of a laser machine. This repair is done in the following way.

  • First of all, the cost of repair would be determined on behalf of the model you use.
  • Our expert will form a format of your phone by measuring the height of the phone. The phone would be sent later for projection inside the laser machine. We do this to ensure that no loss or damage should be made to your phone during the repair.
  • As we make a good projection of your phone, the laser machine starts removing the colour and glue used to paste the previous one.
  • This process might be done through two passes to ensure the removal of previous broken glass.
  • After removing old broken glass and the remaining part of it, we put a new glass and adhere.
  • Your phone will be sent to clamps to make sure that the glass has correctly adhered.

Above is the process of the laser machine that would be applied to your broken back glass. We try our level best to keep you away from any financial loss.

List of iPhones that have glass backs

iPhone 8

This is a great phone with 4.7 inches of display. This also has front and back glass surfaces. In case of its broken back glass, we would repair it according to your desire.

iPhone 8plus 

This phone has a 5.5-inch display with front and back glass. So, if you have broken it, bring it to our shop to repair it within the minimum time.

iPhone X

This one is having a 5.8 full-screen display where the back is made of glass. It can be repaired by our experts if found broken.

iPhone XR

Latest than the previous one having 6.1 inches display. It, too, has a glass back, which means we can repair it.

iPhone XS

Well, this one is also having a back made of glass. It not only looks beautiful but also helps you put an impression of a premium class.

iPhone XS Max

our experts are waiting to repair your iPhone XS max because it too has a glass back.

iPhone 11 series

This whole series has glass made back. Any of them can be repaired by our experts in our shop.

iPhone 12 series

This is the latest series which is the ornament of markets these days. It also has glass made back which means that it can easily be repaired at our shop.

Above are all the iPhones whose back glasses can be repaired at our shop with the excellent service of our experts.