Today we are going to cover a very physical topic. The topic is known as “How to setup a Motherboard and install it correctly” So let’s move to our topic and start learning this terminology.

This is a topic in which you may loose your motherboard you don’t do it right so please be aware with it and I would advise you to visit any Pc Repair shop near you and do it by them, that would be much better.

Installing A Motherboard:

Accessing your motherboard is easy, All you have to do is plug off all of the wires of your computer, such as VGA, Speakers and main electricity wire, which is known as power cable as well.

Now on the system box there will a sort of nut boult to open the system. As you will open it and check it’s systems you will see different areas of the computer/pc. Now this is the place from where you can start working on your motherboard.

It’s called motherboard because it is a single board on which all the systems are functioning. If we would compare it with human it’s like a sort of hands and foots for human. A body would be the best example or fit.

Now from here you can do all the stuff which you want to do with the motherboard. But again let me tell you that be aware with it.

Installing a CPU:

Accessing the CPU is same like we access the motherboard of the PC. The CPU stands for Central Processing unit and it is known as the brain of the computer. All the logical and arithmetic problems are solved from here.

If you are the one who knows that what it is and how it operates, what will be the causes of touching it, the cons. Be careful with it since it is the main area of your computer.

This is what which I would not personally touch or work on it because it is something on which a newbie should don’t do anything. This is for those who are at repairing shop and doing their stuff, since they are expert and certified from institutes.

So it was one our a bit introduction topic towards the installing and accessing the motherboard and the Central Processing Unit (CPU). I hope that you guys at least learned something from it.

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