Computers are a necessity in today’s technology-driven society. From work to play, we use these machines to get more done, faster, and more conveniently.

But when they fail to work as designed it can create more than just a little headache. If your Computer, PC or laptop is in need of repair, Priceless Phone and Computer Repair is here to help.

We specialize in fast, efficient and affordable computer, PC and laptop repair for Alhambra area residents.

Call or message today and connect with a talented technician who can help you get your computer up and running again in no time.

Laptop Repair in Alhambra

Portable, efficient and perfect for getting more done when ‘on the go’, laptops are convenient and (usually reliable). But the abuse of travel or even just getting shuffled around the house or office can put extra strain on these machines.

This makes laptops susceptible to damage. From an accidental spill, to an unfortunate drop when slipping from your hands, screens, keyboards, charging ports and more are all at risk.

If your laptop is broken, damaged, or acting up, you need a local laptop repair specialist that you can trust. Located right here in Alhambra, Priceless Phone and Computer Repair has a reputation for helping our customers get their laptops working like new again quickly and reliably.

Common Laptop Repairs We Handle Include:

  • Screen and backlight repair
  • Hing repairs
  • Laptop keyboard repair
  • Motherboard troubleshooting and repairs
  • Port and charging jack repair
  • Hard drive inspection, repair or replacement
  • Memory upgrades
  • Repair to damage caused by spills
  • Windows operating systems restoration and fresh installs
  • Identification and removal of harmful adware, malware or viruses
  • And more…

Don’t waste time with long-distance repair shops. Hire a local technician right here in Alhambra and get the support you need from a trusted community leader in laptop repair.

PC Repair in Alhambra

From the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’, to sluggish performance or damage to actual hardware, our Alhambra area PC repair specialists have the skills and experience to help you restore your PC to optimal performance.

Desktop PCs are highly capable, often outfitted with impressive processors, graphics cards and the power to get a lot done. From an entertainment powerhouse to a superior workstation, your PC is a highly versatile and valuable asset.

But when problems arise it can be more than a little frustrating. With so much of our lives on our PCs, from family photos to important documents, you can’t risk losing any of it.

We regularly repair PCs for Alhambra area residents, from work PCs to personal PCs, we can safely, reliably, and quickly get your PC back to operating as designed.

Common Laptop Repairs We Handle Include:

  • Testing, Troubleshooting and repair of motherboard
  • Case replacements
  • Upgrading memory
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Repair of power supply
  • Repair or replacement of power or USB ports
  • Upgrading CPU
  • System migrations from old workstations to new PCs
  • Upgrading or replacing graphics cards
  • Identification and removal of viruses, malware, adware, trojans and more

Computer Repair in Alhambra

No matter the issue, from minor updates and upgrades, to restoration and repair, our team of experienced and passionate computer repair technicians are dedicated to helping you get your system back to normal quickly and affordably.

From old desktop PCs to workstations or your teen’s laptop for school, we’re here to help. We know how frustrating it can be when your computer fails to work as it should, and we aim to help our customers get ‘back to business’ fast.

Find out Why So Many Alhambra Area Residents Trust Priceless Computer Repair

We have a long and hard-earned track record of always putting our customers first. From safe repair methods and industry-leading best practices to fair and affordable pricing and world-class support, we work tirelessly to be your ‘go-to’ for any computer repairs or upgrades you need.

Standout Features of Working With Priceless Computer Repair

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Fast repairs to get you back to school, life or work quickly
  • World-class support and service
  • Local business right here in the Alhambra community
  • Extensive track record of customer satisfaction
  • Reliable and safe repair techniques

Don’t let a slow or damaged computer, PC or laptop get you down. Call or message us today and let us do what we do best.